Check Your Attitude

Everyone needs a wake up to remind them of how their attitude is impacting their work and the people around them. These courses are based on the Check Your Attitude Table and learning practical tips for everyday work.

Real Conversations

At work we often we avoid talking about what is really on our minds. Not wanting to make a career limiting move, (CLM) we often say what we think the other person wants to hear rather than what they need to hear. The Real Conversations programs show you how to apply time tested approaches to preparing for, opening and navigating to a successful conclusion.

Tilt 365

Tilt 365 is a web application that allows you to grow through the development of character strengths. You are NOT a TYPE, instead you TILT based on context or situation. Our findings? Today's personality is not fixed, it's AGILE and ever-changing. The new leader is complex and can flow with complex change around them. The Profile tells people where they began, but it doesn't limit where they can go!



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