Exceptional Teams

Jim is a catalyst for developing and deepening a foundation of trust and partnership in your team.
With this focus team members unleash their full energies and talents on the tasks and goals at hand.

Communication Excellence
Effective communication is the jet fuel to get your organization to it's results. This program catalyzes your communication skills and takes you and your team to the next level of communication effectiveness. You will develop skills & strategies to go beyond your barriers to effective communication.

Not only will you get the essential soft skills for robust communication, we'll show you how to build strategies to sustain and grow your organizations' ability to organically develop. Ultimately, you'll develop the agility to communicate by:
  • "Generous" Listening
  • Creating and deepening rapport
  • Understanding non-verbal cues
  • Improving your emotional intelligence
  • Interpreting verbal information more effectively
  • Communicating more clearly and confidently

Leading and Maximizing Performance
We'll show you how to maximize your team's performance skills from the ground up with our 5-step best practices model. You'll learn how to set clear and achievable goals, create true alignment rather than superficial compliant head-nodding, empower your team to take action, and celebrating success.

Topics: Creating alignment to vison and direction, Setting clear goals, milestones, metrics and expectations, coaching low and high performers, empowering and inspiring action. acknowledging and celebrating success.

Transforming Conflict
Conflict may have a bad reputation. But conflict naturally occurs in our personal lives and in our daily interactions at work. While one may choose to try ignore conflict, unresolved conflict can kill morale, productivity and satisfaction. Properly managed, conflict is a force for positive change.

You will learn how to identify the unique characteristics the three types of conflict and the 11 subtypes of conflict that typically erupt and disrupt the workplace.

We focus on separating the "what actually happened" from the negative meaning that you have associated with it and how you can transform that into a positive association that leads to problem solving.

You'll change yourself, your team, and the ways that all of you view conflict and you'll transform that conflict into a tool for discussion, innovation, creativity and increased productivity.

Leveraging Diverse Workstyles
No two people work in exactly the same way, or share exactly the same motivation. We encourage you to explore how you work, and how the individual members of your team work. Our five-step model teaches you how to:
  • Engage each individual based on their workstyle
  • Utilize values based motivation
  • Create effective collaboration
  • Empower and inspire action
  • Recognize and celebrate success
You'll learn how to identify areas where you can encourage growth or change, and improve the functioning of your team. You'll encourage individual performance, and build a better team by identifying where work styles can be encouraged or changed.



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