Are any two companies alike?

Of course not. So why should leadership development programs be out of the box? Jim does not deliver cookie-cutter solutions.
He designs a program specifically for your company, and partners with you in order to identify your goals and deliver customized programs.

Process Development

Jim utilizes both qualitative and quantitative methods to create and accurate view of your organizations‘ landscape. This assessment is essential in the creation of the strategy and activities for our engagement. The report that is created is a good way to you to gain a useful perspective on your companies strengths, blind spots and areas for development.

Jim works with your internal sponsors to design a program that will exceed your employees expectations whether it is a hour-long key note or a whole company rollout. He develop case studies and examples for the courses from your specific business.

Jim engages your people from beginning to end, so that they don’t see the program as a distraction from day-to-day work. People are invited to bring their challenges to the course, and then we work to develop the tools they need to overcome those challenges.

You won’t subjected to death by PowerPoint, or forced to endure monotone lectures. Instead, Jim will engage you and your team in stimulating dialogue. We'll talk about key concepts, and bring them to life in your “real world” business context. just full participation in an exciting, engaging context

Jim always assess the program, see how it’s working, and when there is a larger roll-out he will make the on-going changes to keep the program delivery "on target."


Executive Influencing & High Impact Presentations
Executive Coaching
ImperativeChange - Leader in Peril Program
Maximizing Leadership Agility
Transforming Conflict
Communication Agility
Leveraging Diverse Workstyles
Leading and Maximizing Performance
Leading and Managing Change
Team Based Strategy & Process Development
Creating Culture Series
The Leadership Commitment
Service or Sabotage - Check Your Attitude
Co-Worker as Customer
High Performing Teams
Creative Conflicts
Team Based Problem Solving
Check Your Attitude
Real Conversations
Key Note

"All of the programme was relevant to my role."

"Really difficult to say how the course could be improved"

"I really enjoyed Jim as an instructor."

"Jim was very motivating and had relevant exercises which thus allowed everyone to become more involved with the topic. The training will help me in my professional life as well as my personal life."

"The overall concept is very good, particularly on assuming positive intent. Being aware of my triggers and common drama attitudes was very helpful."

"We had fun learning at the same time. GREAT JOB!! "

"Technical details were great. But the style and support was was above and beyond - Total Pro. "

"Results were clear and evident."

"Very happy and lucky to attend."

"There was a lot of subtle psychology presented that I found fascinating."



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