Inspiring Leaders

Our expertise is in helping you to become the leader you want to be - one who inspires trust in your team, provides clear direction, positive accountability, and support that brings out the best in them.

Executing Coaching
If you've ever spoken to an executive who's had a coach, they've told you how they've benefited. They'll report
  • Improved efficiency and productivity, and better morale
  • Greater self-awareness
  • Increased empathy
  • Better work relationships in terms of communication, trust, conflict resolution and team building
  • Better business processes in terms of setting goals, prioritizing, delegating and developing strategies.

So, how does the coaching process work?
Once you have met with your prospective coach to make sure your coach is a fit for you, your coach will:
  1. Establish clear coaching goals
  2. Conduct qualitative and quantitative information gathering
  3. Create a coaching report and debrief with you
  4. Conduct coaching meetings (6 - 12)
  5. Assess progress at predetermined times

Imperative Change - Leader in Peril Program
Sometimes for whatever reason a leader gets to the point where a dramatic change in their leadership needs to take place in order for them to continue in their position.

While no one would suggest that smart, accomplished people should not get promoted. The problem is that no matter how technically savvy a person is, or how impressive their accomplishments, they can struggle with leadership and may get to the point where change is imperative. This program is targeted for those leaders whose career might be in jeopardy.

While the process is similar to the above coaching program, a deeper and more urgent approach is used with the executives in this program.

Executive Influencing & High Impact Presentations
We've all been there - sitting in a conference room, checking our phones, yawning, and maybe even napping while the person at the front of the room drones on. Maybe you've even been that person at the front of the room. The truth is, even the best leaders can sometimes be sadly lacking in the skills to engage, inspire and motivate their organizations.

You will learn how to create engaging presentations, and deliver them confidently. We'll coach you, give you feedback, and help you deliver presentations that will have people putting their phones aside, sitting up and taking notice.

Key elements covered:
  1. 5-step model for powerful presentations
  2. How to build confidence and transform anxiety into presence
  3. Templates and methodology for identifying your key topics and organizing your presentation
  4. How to utilize high impact techniques to engage your audience
  5. How to choreograph gestures, voice and stage position for maximum impact

The heart of the course lies in the quality feedback including video feedback and coaching you will receive. Because you will be working with one of your actual presentations you will leave with an immediately valuable work product. The 3-day course also allows your executives to have much needed time to focus on their leadership development , coach each other and collaborate /network with other leaders in your company.

Maximizing Leadership Agility
Rather than work on your weaknesses, discover and balance your strengths. We utilize an integration of the TIlt365 methodology, neurolinguistics and neurophysiology to help you discover your unique combination of character strengths, and how to leverage them in your daily work.



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