Engaging Cultures

Businesses don't just compete against one another for clients - they also compete in order to engage and retain top talent.
Jim works with you to create a company culture that galvanizes your workforce so they produce extraordinary results & love their work.

Leading and Managing Change
As a leader you plan for change, yet despite your intentions and planning what actually happens fall short of what you expected. Why? Most leaders are extremely busy, and often miss out on the due diligence that is necessary in preparing and planning . They don't realize the time invested on the front end is much less that lost time on in the implementation stage do to backtracking and and getting people onboard.

This Leading and Managing Change course provides you with the "best practice" tools for:
  • Architecting change - developing your vision, burning platform and creating milestones
  • Understanding how change will affect your organization
  • Developing ways to align your team, supporting your champions, and overcoming resistance
  • Developing a plan for communicating your vision
  • Interpreting verbal information more effectively
  • Managing emerging competing priorities as the plan is rolled out

In short, we'll show you how to plan, prepare, and then roll with the punches.

Team Based Strategy & Process Development
By engaging your team early in the development of strategy and/or process you circumvent much of the change management agony that results from a lack of engagement. This course teaches you how to harness the intellect of your team and gain their immediate buy in in the development and formulation of strategic direction and execute process development

  • Align your vision and direction
  • Set goals, expectations and milestones
  • Coach for performance
  • Empower and inspire action
  • Recognize and celebrate success

You'll learn how to identify areas where you can encourage growth or change, and improve the functioning of your team. You'll encourage individual performance, and build a better team by identifying where work styles can be encouraged or changed.
Creating Culture Series
Changing the culture is a complicated process. We will partner with you to architect your new culture and design the process for making your vision a reality. The Culture Change Series is a suite of linked organizational development ½ day modules that encompasses the key dimensions of work in your organization. The topics are linked to create an intentional change in your work culture. While each modules can serve as a standalone, most companies roll out a series of courses over a multiple year timespan.

The Leadership Commitment
This is an ongoing set of workshops designed to create the burning platform for the new culture. The leadership commitment sets the bar for the rest of the organization in terms of defining the new culture, behavioral expectation s and new ways of working.

Service or Sabotage - Check Your Attitude
A core course for everyone in your organization. Provides a grounding in how to shift and operate from positive intention. Participants learn how to coach each other and how to self coach to turn negative experiences into positive ones.

Co-Worker as Customer
So often we only think of those outside of our company as the customer. In this course we shift that perspective so that we can view and treat our co-workers as customers. This unique relationship is defined along with the guidelines to enhance our internal relationships as we would with our external customers.

High Performing Teams
Teams are how a business gets work done. Participants learn how to recognize and optimize the 4 stages of team development from Forming to Performing how to leverage and work with the 4 primary work styles.

Creative Conflicts
Step out of the blame game and into collaborative conversations. Participants learn how to short-circuit the negative internal narrative stories that spur conflict and switch to creating a win-win situation. This becomes the foundation for true problem solving.

Team Based Problem Solving
Problem solving is not personal. This module helps transform the concepts and practice of accountability from a room of pointing fingers to stepping up and creating a focus to solve problems. The fundamentals are also taught, Pareto, 5-whys and other time tested techniques.



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